Q: Why are Kingmark’s exchange rates different from the Bank of Canada or other financial institutions?
A: The exchange rate provided by the Bank of Canada or other financial institutions is the interbank market rate, which is mainly used between bankers. Generally speaking, the individual client is not able to receive the interbank market rate in the retail market.

Q: What methods of payment are accepted at Kingmark?
A:  The payment methods we accept are cash, debit card, or bank draft issued from a local bank.

Q: Why should I choose Kingmark as my foreign currency provider instead of a local bank?
A:  Choosing Kingmark saves you money and time. At Kingmark, we have all major currencies in stock, and our rates are always better than the banks. There is no additional service charge or commission.

Q: Do I have to provide any identification when I perform foreign exchange transactions?
A:  To comply with the regulations of the Canadian government and our own company policy, Kingmark requires that customers present valid, government-issued photo I.D. with any transaction equal to or over CAD 1,000.